Searching for Bloomington

A photo of an IDS student newspaper box with a 2019 New Year's top hat looking down Kirkwood toward the Monroe County Courthouse.
Kirkwood Ave in Bloomington, Indiana on New Years Day 2019. Photo by Christopher C. Hedges

Interesting Bloomington, Indiana blog writers

I’ve come across some interesting authors from or with connections to Bloomington, Indiana with blogs that have connected with me.

Summer Rain, VAX memories and dead malls

Jon Konrath, author of Rumored and many books (including Summer Rain), strikes a chord with me.

I remember spending way too many hours on the university computer system during my years at Indiana University.

One of those memories is seeing Jon Konrath’s name appear on the Souder’s (I know I have the program name partially wrong) utility program when logging onto the system.

Back in the day, I had a lot of fun chatting on IRC and met a lot of great people via the network. Konrath’s utility program made that possible for liberal arts majors to fire up that chat program to drunk chat with people on campus and around the world.

I stumbled across Jon Konrath’s Rumored blog when I was fascinated with dead malls a couple of years back. Then, I discovered Summer Rain which brought back memories of my time at IU Bloomington back in the late 80s and early ’90s.

I highly suggest taking a look at Jon’s works and listening to his podcast,The Koncast.

They bring back nostalgia of growing up in Bloomington.

Commentary on life by a traveler

I’ve recently found Molly Gleeson’s blog A Coined Hemisphere.

Molly Gleeson’s blog is a great read.

Especially since I’ve had some thoughts about American exceptionalism and international travel over the years.

My kids and ex-wife are dual citizens.

And, my oldest son is in college overseas living with family there.

Maybe, he’s in the right place at the right time?

Molly’s writing is timely in these days of the battle for the American soul in these days of “fear vs. love.”

Do we go full-on “maximize shareholder profits” or “Matthew 25.”

Or, some combination in-between?

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